Launch of the ‘Stop the Hurting – End Domestic Violence’ Campaign


Changing community attitudes and behaviours towards domestic and family violence is an important element of the Queensland Government’s program of work in response to the Not Now, Not Ever report.

The first in a series of communication campaigns to raise awareness and prevent domestic and family violence has now commenced.

The youth campaign, ‘Stop the Hurting – End Domestic Violence’ has been developed in collaboration with those it has been designed to reach. Research has shown that early adulthood is a life stage involving particular vulnerability to violence for both young men and women and is a time during which prospects for prevention are particularly strong.

This campaign is designed to bring domestic and family violence out from behind closed doors and reach young Queenslanders using language and methods that resonates with them.

Illy, one of Australia’s leading hip hop artists, has recorded a domestic violence themed song, which is featured in the campaign. Queensland youth will have an opportunity to make their voice heard through writing their own lyrics and the chance to record those lyrics with Illy.

For more information visit the Stop The Hurting campaign website.



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2017 NHWQ Conference

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