The most rewarding job of the week for Ormeau Police

On Monday June 12 and Thursday June 15 police from the Norfolk Village Police Beat, Ormeau attended the Bethlehem C&K Kindergarten, Woongoolba to give their annual Adopt-a-Cop presentation to the young children.

Norfolk Village Police have been attending the centre for a number of years now and every year it is looked upon as the most rewarding job of the week.

“After attending some of the most stressful and horrific police jobs, it is so gratifying to give something positive back to the community and make me feel that, yes my job is worthwhile,” says Senior Constable Michael Coleman.

By the end of the presentation, the children definitely have a different outlook of police and understand that they are very friendly and approachable. This is exactly the message that police want to get across to all children. Police do not want to be seen by children as somebody who will take them away from their home if they are naughty, they want them to know that police are there to help them.

After dressing up in police shirts and learning about the police car, the children presented Police Officer Luke and Police Officer Michael with a certificate of appreciation and a drawing of them to hang on the Police Beat wall.

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